STEMworks Application

The STEMworks Application Process

Please review the Design Principles thoroughly before starting the application. The questions in the STEMworks self-rating are taken directly from a rubric related to these Design Principles.

The online application process has four main steps:

  1. Create an account. Programs must create an account to gain access to the application.
  1. Complete a program profile. You will be asked to provide basic information about your program.
  1. Complete the prescreen checklist. Programs new to the STEMworks process must pass a prescreen before they can begin the full application. You will be asked to upload some basic documents. You must complete this step at least one week before the final application deadline. Programs will likely have many of these documents already available; there is no special STEMworks version required.
    • Strategic plan
    • Annual report
    • Budget report
    • List of partners
    • Evaluation plan
    • Organizational chart
    • Alignment to relevant standards (STEM content and/or practices)
    • Sample curriculum or program activities
Programs that do not provide sufficient documents will be referred back to the Design Principles and rubric for examples of the types of evidence expected in a STEMworks application. All documents must be uploaded in PDF format.
  1. Complete the self rating. Programs must rate themselves as Accomplished, Developing, or Undeveloped on each of the ten Design Principles. Programs then provide an explanation of each self rating. This explanation should justify your self-assessment and provide reviewers with a clear understanding of how evidence you provided supports your self-rating. You will also select your uploaded evidence files that support your explanation.
    • You may use the same evidence to support your claims for more than one Principle, but your explanations should clearly convey how each Principle is specifically supported by the evidence you cite.
    • The rubric offers examples of evidence that can support each Design Principle.
    • You do not have to complete the self rating in one sitting. You can save and edit as needed before submitting.

WestEd is available to answer any questions about the application process. You can contact WestEd at